FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a balloon arch/garland cost?

Our balloon garlands and arches are based on size, style, and length. Simply asking how much they are is like asking how to drive from Sacramento to San Francisco. You could drive your own car or you could take a bus? You could travel via the Bay Bridge or avoid bridges all together and go through San Jose. There are toll roads and non-toll road options. The list continues... When it comes to balloon decor there are several factors that determine pricing which is why we highly suggest you speak with a professional designer that can get a customized quote that will fit your exact decor needs.

Why can't I just get a quote, why do I need to speak to someone?

Much like the question above, every event is unique. Simply quoting an inspo photo that you email or text to us doesn't give us all of the specific details to accurately price out what you are looking for. What are the backdrop dimensions? How large of space do you have for set up? Are we setting up outdoors or on the 10th floor of a hotel ballroom? There is a lot of backend information that we need to make sure you have an accurate quote. 9 times of 10 when someone has a photo of something they like, there are changes made to customize the order to fit.

I only have $200 bucks, what can I get for that?

At Lush Balloons, we have a wide selection of balloon options to fit any budget. You can pick and choose from our D.F.Y. (Done For You) decor options like garlands and clusters, or our prearranged helium balloon bouquets. Depending on the event we also have our premium Balloon Bouquets that are customizable to your liking. 

Do you price match?

We firmly believe that price matching is essentially devaluing the work and expertise that goes into our work. We do not, and will not, offer price matching. It is not accurate to compare our work to Party City, The Dollar Tree, or other balloon services that can't recreate the level of quality and style we produce with our work.

How soon in advance do I need to book?

For custom event order we generally recommend at least 2-3 weeks in advance of your event date. On some occasions we have last minute availability but often times that comes with a rush fee and higher service fees for requiring our staff to work overtime to create a new order last minute. If you know that you would like to work with Lush Balloons but are not 100% certain what you want to order, we recommend securing our services with an event retainer.

Do you offer anything else besides balloons?

Yes we do! Our balloons are a great focal point for any event. But we've also realized that people like to customize their decor with enhancements such as 4ft rentals of marquee letters and numbers, flower walls, backdrops, chair rentals, and centerpieces. If you'd like to inquire about some of our other offerings please speak with one of our expert balloon designers. 

How much is delivery?

Delivery fees are calculated at checkout and are dependent upon what products you order.

What cities/areas do you deliver to?

We service the Greater Sacramento Area & Bay Area. Please see event minimums by location for specifics on how much it would be for us to create decor for your event.


How much do your bouquets cost?

Each bouquet is handmade and we take our time ensuring it looks Lush! Each bouquet on our website has a base price with add on options. We recommend you choose a bouquet that best fits your needs and then add to cart to receive an accurate quote. Photos on each bouquet are to show you HOW you can customize it, but does not mean that is what is included in the base price. PLEASE read the description of each bouquet.

I live outside of your delivery zone, will you still deliver?

Give us a call or text at 916.995.4301 and we can give you some options! At times, we meet people at our cut off cities or charge an appropriate fee to make it happen. If you can be flexible with us, we would love to be flexible for you!

I want an over the top, custom bouquet! How can I order one?

Give us a call or text at 916.995.4301 and we will take care of you! I often ask "What is the recipients favorite items, things to do, or colors?" and we can create something fun and unique from there :)

I need my bouquet at an EXACT time, can you make that happen?

Most likely not, we are very transparent with our customers and in order for us to keep our prices affordable we need to deliver and take orders in "volume". This means, we have multiple deliveries a day, your bouquet could be there anytime between the window you choose and at times slightly before or after depending on our delivery schedule. We try our best to accommodate every single order's requests but sometimes it's not possible. If you need a special accommodation, please call us so we can find a solution for you, we always do try our best!

Balloons are "cheap", why are your creations priced more than Party City or the Dollar Store?

Many people believe all balloon creations are made equal but that's just not the case. Our products and services far exceed what you'll find at a discount retailer. 

I am interested in hiring you for my next event! What is the process?

Wooohooo! We would love to help! Step 1: Submit an Inquiry form. Step 2: Check your email! You'll receive an email with a link to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with a Lush Balloons designer. Step 3: Complete your booking proposal after your consultation. Step 4: Stop worrying because Lush has you confirmed on your calendar!!🎉🙌🏽🥳🎈

Are you a professional balloon company or someone who does this "on the side"?

When you book Lush Balloons, you're booking a professional balloon company! We take PRIDE in collecting and paying sales tax, being 100% insured, and work hard to create an amazing Brand and Lush experience for all to enjoy! We can't stress this enough, please make sure you do your research in hiring a professional balloon company for your event that has the proper insurance and licenses needed to operate legally in the State of California and your local city.