Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you delivering right now because of COVID-19?

Yes we are! We are currently only practicing no-contact deliveries.  Hand sanitizer is used before and after every delivery as well as a single use glove per delivery. 

2. How much is delivery?

Delivery fee's depend on the destination address and size of your order. Most purchases $59 dollars or more receive free delivery. Our delivery services cover up to 30 miles from Sacramento (95834). Anything outside of this range may incur an additional delivery fee. Same Day Deliveries add on $25 to your order. Next Day Deliveries add on $15 to your order. We appreciate a minimum of 3 days advanced notice. Standard delivery fees begin at $9.

3. How much do your bouquets cost?

Each bouquet is handmade and we take our time ensuring it looks Lush! Each bouquet on our website has a base price with add on options. We recommend you choose a bouquet that best fits your needs and then add to cart to receive an accurate quote.

4. I live outside of your delivery zone, will you still deliver?

Give us a call or text at 916.995.4301 and we can give you some options! At times, we meet people at our cut off cities or charge an appropriate fee to make it happen. If you can be flexible with us, we would love to be flexible for you!

5. I want an over the top, custom bouquet! How can I order one?

Give us a call or text at 916.995.4301 and we will take care of you! I often ask "What is the recipients favorite items, things to do, or colors?" and we can create something fun and unique from there :)