Consultation FAQ's

So you've booked your design consultation and have a couple questions before your call? You've come to the right place! This FAQ section will help you understand why we even have a design process and how you can benefit from it!


What is a consultation call and why do I need to talk with someone?

Every event is as unique as the person inquiring. Needless to say, no two people or events will ever be exactly the same which is why we offer a complimentary service to speak with you. During this 15-minute call you'll be able to talk through your event decor with a designer in real time. It seems time consuming at first, but when you take into account the dozens of questions that come up when booking a balloon professional you'll begin to appreciate not having to text or email back and forth dozens of times and wait in the process. What would take days if not weeks of dialogue is consolidated into a quick 15-minutes so you can feel confident with your purchase.


Do you provide written estimates?

We understand the importance of making sure you're getting good value for your money. Often times people request written proposals to think over and decide what will ultimately work best for you. However, what gets missed is the time and attention to detail that goes at the beginning of the design stage. Unless we have a paid event retainer on file we cannot email a written estimate. Rest assured though, we can provide all general pricing over the phone during your consultation. When you are ready to move forward we can complete an order and reservation at that time.


Why should I pay a retainer if I don't know what I want?

A retainer is a great option for people short on time but know they need some type of decor for an upcoming event. Completing a retainer will guarantee our services for your event date and will give you piece of mind knowing you wont have to search for another company. A lot of times people want to get pricing for their event but don't book right away. Several days if not weeks pass by then we get a call wanting to book